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UPDATED: Who Qualifies as an Oregon Resident for Income Tax Purposes?

This Article is a partial re-write of an earlier article, published in 2011, dealing with the same subject. The OAR references in the prior article have been updated, but the law remains much the same despite more than 40 subsequent decisions of the Oregon Magistrate Court. Oregon imposes a personal income tax on all residents

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Tax Planning Advice for Individuals with Visual Impairment

Kent AndersonTax Attorneys Eugene OR Introduction: For individuals with visual impairments, navigating the complexities of tax planning can be daunting. However, there are specific tax provisions designed to provide assistance and support to those with visual challenges. In this article, we will explore essential tax tips tailored to individuals with visual impairments. Defining

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Estate Tax Relief For Oregon Farmers Under New Law

Kent AndersonTax Attorney Eugene OR Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has signed a new law, Senate Bill 498, aimed at providing tax relief to farm estates, despite concerns that it benefits wealthy investors and reduces state revenues. The bill aims to address succession challenges faced by family-owned farm, forest, and fishing estates by offering

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Understanding IRS Audit Issues for Real Estate Owners

Kent AndersonTax Attorney Eugene In recent times, the IRS has been auditing only around 0.5% of individual income tax returns, with a focus on high net worth returns and larger businesses facing complex tax matters. Given the intricacies, it's beneficial for those in Eugene to consider seeking guidance from a tax attorney Eugene

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Oregon Regulators Cracking Down On Cannabis Industry Tax Delinquents

Oregon regulators are launching a crackdown on the cannabis industry, commencing with targeted actions against tax delinquents. Kent AndersonEugene Oregon Tax Attorney While much attention has been focused on the prolonged session of the Oregon Legislature due to the Senate Republican walkout, another state government body has been in the spotlight - the

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Relief from Tax Filing Deadline for Oregonians in Wildfire Areas

In a September 16, 2020 press release, the IRS offered Oregonians living in certain counties affected by the recent wildfires some breathing room from the upcoming October 15, 2020 deadline to file their returns. This relief assumes the taxpayer filed the automatic extension from the already extended July 15, 2020 deadline for this tax season due